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CRABWOOD CREEK, CORENTYNE – “Yuh think me mother gwine come back? She use to beat we bad but ah miss she. She didn’t want me go to school but I still want she come back.” Eleven-year old Trevor Albert is loaded with questions and apparently has no one to give him the answers.Ismay Spooner with her hamper. His mother, 43-year- old Esther Albert also known as ‘Kamla’ of Bhanjara Sawmill Dam, Lot One Grant 1803 Crabwood Creek on the Corentyne was killed on March 2nd this year. Days later, Government Pathologist, Dr. Vivikanand Brijmohan ruled that she was manually strangled.The woman’s body was found in the home she shared with her husband, Daveanand Albert, also known as ‘Brother’ and children Trevor Albert and eight-year- old Joel Albert.Her husband has since disappeared but, from the inception he was of interest to police. Based on information detectives received, the man could be hiding out in neighbouring Suriname after fleeing the country via the back track route.The two boys now reside with their paternal grandmother, 73-year -old Ziboon Nesha Azeez, three doors away from the home they shared with their parents. Trevor Albert said many days he was forced to do the job of a grown man, “Me mother use to carry me back dam fuh do all kinda wuk. Me use to pick red beans too. She used to keep me away from school nuff days and she used to beat me bad when ah say I want go to school. One time she lash me with a wire and bus me face because me nah want go wuk in the back dam with she.”In spite of it all, the way he feels about his mother can only be called, unconditional love, “Me ain’t glad she dead, me sorry. Me miss she like. Me want she come back now but she got to send me to school fuh larn education.”According to the grandmother and Trevor Albert, he was finally taken out of school just before his mother died.Ziboon Nesha Azeez and her two grandchildren“The day before she dead,Cheap Jerseys, she tek me school clothes and bun them up with lighter in a fire-side. Is only me school clothes she bun up. She say me got to stay home and wuk fuh mind them. She say me too big fuh school. Me didn’t want fuh leave school Miss, me want learn education.”The child said he had three school shirts and one pair of trousers, “After she bun me school clothes, she put me out. She left me outside and when me Daddy come, me tell he. He quarrel with she but them didn’t fight mattie then, they just cuss up but the next day he beat she up because she dance at Vishal house.”The child said his father instructed them not to tell anyone so he could not call out for help. He said he stayed up late into the night, “trying fuh fix she…Me tek tissue and try fuh clean she skin up. Me tek the tissue and deh a wipe the blood all the time. She just deh a groan all the time and she eye shut. Me deh wiping the blood to see if she gwine start to talk again and feel better but it nah wuk, she still deh ah groan.”Ziboon Nesha Azeez said she took her two grandchildren but it is not easy.She recalled on the fateful day that Trevor visited her home asking for Limacol or mentholated spirits for his father.“When me go over, me see she lie down on the bed and me son tek mentholated spirits and rubbing she face. Me say, boy carry this girl to hospital and he turn and tell me, Kamla dead.”When asked about the possibility of him being in Suriname, she said he has a daughter living there, “Me can direct you to where she live fuh see if is deh he gone.”Esther Albert had five children; the two older ones were from a different union. Her 17-year- old son left the home many years ago to take up residence with another relative.Of the three children she bore her husband, one passed away several years ago at the age of 14 after ailing from a heart condition. The police probe continues.Last Thursday, the New Jersey Arya Samaj Humanitarian Mission, through the Kaieteur News handed over grocery and other supplies to the two children. Head of the Mission, Pandit Suresh Sugrim, speaking via telephone from New Jersey, said he was moved by the plight of the children and had to offer some assistance.The Humanitarian Mission also gave a hamper to 109-year -old Ismay Spooner of Little Africa, Eliza and Mary, Corriverton.
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