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Dem boys sit down and start thinking about puzzles. One man ask dem how long it gun tek fuh de current crop of politicians own all of Guyana.That is a stupid question because de country belong to de people but de man point out how dem same politicians selling land to dem friend.Then when dem boys check dem find out that all de waterfront lands going or gone to one man. Even Sam get in de act because he get a piece not far from de waterfront,Wholesale NFL Jerseys.But land also giving away all over town,Cheap NCAA Jerseys. Dem boys check and dem see a big piece of Ruimveldt gone. Suh it was back to de question. “How long it gun tek fuh sell out Guyana.” Dem boys ask fuh a hint and de man tell dem to think of a number that got ‘O’ inside.Well dem boys seh that dem coulda understand if was a case of de number that got ‘A’,Wholesale Jerseys From China. Dem boys shake dem head,cheap jerseys elite. Then dem understand that this is election year and after this year dem would have a new president.But why all this race fuh get land? Dem boys seh that right now dem who buying living comfortable and dem think that dem gun need de same luxury when dem dead.But de man claim that people can’t carry de land wheh dem going and all dem really entitled to is a piece that is about seven feet long but most time is six feet long and three feet wide. That is de size of a small ochro plot,Cheap NFL Jerseys 2017.But what about de money? Dem boys seh that dem willing to tek care of that.Dem would tek de cash and write a check suh when dem meet in front of de Big Man dem can cash it,Cheap NBA Jerseys China.Talk half. Lef half,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys.
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