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He has to “walk the walk” – ChairmanThe Women and Gender Equality Commission is ready to work with the new government in its quest to attain the full realization of gender equality in Guyana. However, Chairman of the Commission, Indra Chandrapal is calling on the government to “walk the walk.”In an invited comment yesterday, Chandrapal expressed that the Commission is looking forward to continue fulfilling its constitutional duties under the new administration.Chairman of the Women andGender Equality Commission,NFL Jerseys Supply,Indra ChandrapalWith reference to a column written by President David Granger and published in this newspaper’s Sunday edition, Chandrapal noted that it is motivating to know that some of the measures Granger said must be taken were actually put forward by her Commission.She said that while she is heartened by the government’s stance on gender equality, she hoped that it would have been reflected in the choices the President has made so far.Chandrapal added that women, a lot of whom just simply refused to be left behind, are looking to see hard evidence of upliftment and the government has a major role to play in this regard.But her desire for the government to “walk the walk” may be fulfilled as President Granger himself said in his column that “Attending conferences, signing conventions and passing laws are good” but “enforcement and compliance” is what is really required.Granger’s piece went quite deep and would present a ray of hope for all women with ambition to move beyond their present status but remain constrained by circumstances.The President acknowledged that over the past century, the status of women has moved from the stage of blatant ‘discrimination’ in which they were denied the right to vote in colonial elections; to one of ‘agitation’ in the post-World War II struggle for Independence; to one of ‘representation’ in the post-Independence period to one of “intense legislation.”Granger said that these changes were all necessary, “but not sufficient. We must now move forward to the fifth stage, that of full ‘realization’ of gender equality.”He went on to note that the momentum for change has slowed and the economic and political gap between men and women remains too wide.The Head of State said, “Women and girls, despite a few remarkable exceptions, are being left behind and are still relatively disadvantaged.”After acknowledging such an unfavourable reality, Granger stated “Your government aims, in the first instance,Cheap Jerseys From China, at designing, along with its social and political partners, a national policy aimed at ensuring that five principal objectives are met – equality of women in politics and society; eradication of extreme poverty; enhancement of employment opportunities; elimination of violence against women and enhanced access to education, especially in the sciences and technology.”Equality of womenThe President promised to make Guyana a more equal society. He said that equality for women is essential if everyone is to benefit from this country’s bountiful resources.Granger said that the gap in economic, political and social achievement between men and women remains wide; as episodic initiatives to promote women’s rights and offer them greater opportunities have failed to bring about full equality.He posited that a comprehensive, long-term gender policy aimed at opening opportunities, promoting empowerment and providing protection to women is needed.During the interview yesterday,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Chandrapal said that such a policy is the brainchild of her Commission. She divulged that submissions were made to the Coalition and the PPP while the parties were preparing their manifestos.Chandrapal said, “Well, it was our idea, so we look forward to working on it.”Granger referred to the policy as the National Gender Policy and said that it should aim to eradicate discrimination against women.The President proposed that the policy should be used to safeguard the emotional and mental integrity and physical safety of women. It should result in women having a greater say in decision-making at all levels of society.Noting that enforcement and compliance with legislations and policy sometimes poses as a problem; President Granger said, “Your government will work more assiduously with women’s organizations.”Eradication of povertyGranger promised to eradicate extreme poverty.He said that a major obstacle to equality is the prevalence and persistence of poverty.The President noted that poverty impacts significantly on the wellbeing of mothers and babies across the country. It is a fact that children born to mothers living in poverty – among who are mothers who head single-parent households – face the greatest challenges to everyday survival.Granger further stated that it is a modern-day miracle that many mothers manage their families on their meager earnings in the face of massive impediments in Guyana today.President,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, David GrangerHe admitted “Poverty is spreading,Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Authentic, not shrinking.”The President said that the number of homeless and destitute persons continues to rise. “The solution is to reduce poverty, rather than increase the number of institutions such as drop-in centres for street children, night shelters for the homeless and the hopefully-named ‘Centre for Rehabilitation and Integration’ for the destitute, to house the poor.”President Granger pointed out that the task of running impoverished households falls disproportionately on women. “The sole breadwinners of households in many instances are women. These burdens must be lightened if we are to have happy families and happy households. Women must be provided with greater opportunities if they are to escape from poverty,” said Granger.The President said that his government proposes to consider various measures to assist women to lift their families out of poverty and will encourage greater entrepreneurship by women. “Micro-credit and access to small business loans can have a positive impact on poor households headed by women. It can increase their incomes and improve their quality of life. Your government is also prepared to negotiate concessionary financing for micro-credit organizations for lending to women. In addition, it is prepared to expand existing micro-credit schemes targeting women and single-parent households. Thousands of our women can lift their families out of poverty and join the numbers of happy families and happy households through such measures.”Employment opportunitiesGranger promised to ensure that a greater percentage of women will occupy the workforce as he admitted that many women cannot find satisfactory jobs.While Granger’s want for more women in the workforce was well accepted by Chandrapal, as well as his previous statement about women in key positions, she said that she needs to see more action from Granger.In this regard, Chandrapal alluded to statements made in Parliament by her colleague, Priya Manickchand to the effect that while government is preaching women equality, not one of its four Vice Presidents is a woman.Manickchand had also noted that the amount of female senior Ministers is lacking.Chandrapal said that her commission subscribes to Manickchand’s statement that the government missed a glorious opportunity to highlight women.Also, complaints were made about the absence of proportionate women on boards and commissions appointed by the new government.Chandrapal said that Granger can show his commitment to gender equality in these areas.Granger has pointed out that young mothers, in increasing numbers, have been travelling to the Eastern Caribbean and near abroad – Suriname, Venezuela and Brazil – in search of work.He said that their contribution of ‘remittances’ to support their families and as an element in the gross national income is substantial. “This, however, is not necessarily a satisfactory solution to long-term joblessness.”The President posited that it can also be a symptom of serious social problems which,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, as a result of prolonged separation could have an adverse, long-term impact on their children’s upbringing.He added that young female school-leavers might have been given academic education, practical skills and a social orientation.  But, the economy, however, does not provide employment opportunities for them.Granger noted that the relatively high rate of teenage pregnancies aggravates the ‘motherhood’ problem. He said that schoolgirls who become pregnant and bear children are likely to find it more difficult to get satisfactory jobs and to earn enough to educate and nourish their offspring. The jobs crisis is real and is getting wider and deeper. Working mothers, once they receive their wages, have to stretch and spread their earnings thinly just to afford food as expenses rise.Granger also stated, “Children of poor mothers are more likely to do worse at school and to become involved in juvenile delinquency than youngsters whose mothers are comfortable enough to be able to stay at home to bring them up. They are more likely to drop out of primary and secondary school and will be at greater risk of unemployment as young adults after their partial or interrupted schooling.”
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