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“I’m outraged that I have to engage in this type of politics”Head of State President Donald Ramotar on Saturday stressed that there is need to create a new political culture where everyone would be seeing things on its merit and not be pushed by “blackmail politics”. The President was at the time speaking at the opening of the Hope Bridge located at Hope/Dochfour East Coast Demerara.He blamed the opposition for the present state of affairs and asserted that they should not be “degenerating” into blackmailing type of politics. He said that Guyana should never get into a stage where “you have to say you give me this and I will give you that,Wholesale NFL Jerseys,” Ramotar said.According to the President this feature ultimately leads to lobbying which he said is currently taking place in the United States. He noted that this new trend can also lead to “rich people” with money being able to buy parliamentarians and get things done for the rich.“That’s what I may have to be forced to do something like that and it morally it outrages me to have to engage in that blackmailing/bargaining type of politics.”Ramotar believes that politics should have morality. “I don’t believe it’s immoral,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, I believe it’s a moral profession, just like any other,” Ramotar told the gathering.The President also reaffirmed his administration’s commitment in making Amaila Falls a reality. According to the President,Wholesale Jerseys, Guyana could have tapped into a very lucrative market of agro-processing if there was cheap energy.Ramotar explained that Amaila Project is important for Guyanese and would have been a major part of the general infrastructure development for the country. “Hopefully, very soon we would be in a position to make directions on where we will go…but go we will to make Amaila a reality,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping,” Ramotar declared.The hydroelectric facility was being constructed at a whopping US860 million. The project is intended to supply the nation with 165MW of electricity. The lack of parliamentary consensus was proffered the reason for the pulling out of Sithe Global,wholesale nfl jerseys, the company contracted to execute the project.The project had been subjected to intense scrutiny,Wholesale Jerseys Supply, particularly over its price tag which had increased from US$450M when it was first announced up to a whopping US$915M. It involves the construction of a hydropower plant in the area of west-central Guyana,Wholesale Basketball Jerseys, where the Amaila and Kuribrong Rivers meet.
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