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City Magistrate Chandra Sohan is fighting back against the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) which moved to suspend him 63 days ago, following allegations of a number of infractions.Magistrate Chandra SohanSohan’s suspension remains indefinite until the JSC, which was constituted in the latter part of last year, convenes to hear their matter. The source of conflict, however, is that according to the rules set out by the JSC, if no such inquiry is held within 60 days, then the Magistrate can return to work.Sohan’s lawyer, Sanjeev Datadin, stated that he wrote to the JSC last Friday concerning the matter. He said that while his client was suspended on December 3,Nike NFL Jerseys China, last, to date there has been no disciplinary proceedings held in relation to his suspension.According to the attorney,Wholesale Jerseys 2018, the JSC’s Rule 80, sub rule six, specifies that where disciplinary proceedings are not instituted within 60 days of the date of suspension, the officer shall resume duties and that the suspension is deemed to have been set aside;  the effect being as if the suspension had never taken place.Some legal minds familiar with the case have opined that the rule is being disregarded in Sohan’s case and stated that the JSC can be subjected to a writ of mandamus, compelling it to reinstate the Magistrate.Asked whether this course of action is  being considered,NFL Jerseys For Sale, Datadin said that there is a possibility that these steps will be taken.The lawyer said, too, that he had initially moved to the High Court to have the decision to suspend Sohan quashed but Justice Naresh Harnanan refused, leaving Sohan to file an appeal and subsequently a motion to have the matter expedited.That matter, however, has not yet been dealt with by the courts.Kaieteur News understands that the Magistrate is ready to work and is waiting for a Court to be assigned to him by the JSC, but he is yet to receive a word from the body on his matter.Senior Magistrate Sohan was suspended following a very brief hearing into complaints brought against him,Bill Lee Jersey, relating to his work. It was reported that Sohan,Cheap Jerseys, who was presiding in the Georgetown Traffic Court, was suspended for a number of alleged infractions, one of which has to do with conduct that borders on criminality.The move by the JSC could weigh significantly against Sohan’s upward mobility in the magistracy since he was tipped to replace Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry who is expected to be elevated to a judge soon.According to reports,NFL Jerseys Outlet, the Commission is looking into a complaint made by a woman, in relation to a court matter involving domestic violence. The matter was heard sometime last year at the Vreed- en- Hoop Magistrate’s Court, when Sohan was presiding there, albeit briefly.There are allegations that Sohan appeared to be biased towards the woman’s husband during the time he was dealing with the matter. However, according to a source, Sohan is known to the couple and merely gave advice for an amicable settlement of the matter before it was dragged through the court.In fact, the matter was assigned to another Magistrate and the woman had been insisting on several occasions that she did not wish to pursue the matter in the court.Surprisingly, the woman wrote to the JSC complaining about the magistrate’s conduct in the matter.Sohan is also being accused of leaving the jurisdiction in December 2013, year without permission.Sohan is off on full pay.
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