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The regulation of private schools will be among the areas which will be aptly addressed when the new education legislation and regulations are completed.According to Education Minister Shaik Baksh, the final draft of the new legislation has been completed, and has been sent to the Attorney General Chambers for finalisation before it is taken to Cabinet, and thence to Parliament.He disclosed that the need to modernise the legislation is rooted in the fact that the current one is over 50 years old.Minister Baksh pointed out that, through the legislation, the Education Ministry will be able to regulate private schools and establish school boards as legal entities.He explained that the legislation will not only allow for the appointment of school boards, but will also outline their roles and responsibilities.At the moment,Wholesale Jerseys China, there are about 32 public institutions,Cheap Jerseys 2018, including technical institutes,NFL Jerseys Cheap, that are governed by boards. Minister Baksh has,cheap nfl jerseys elite, however, acknowledged that conflicts have arisen in some of these institutions due to the fact that they are not acquainted with their roles and responsibilities.He listed about three schools where there have been conflicts in terms of the definition and delineation of their functions.However, with the implementation of the legislation and the supporting regulations, Minister Baksh said, roles and responsibilities of boards and the management of private schools will be clearly outlined in a formal way.The ministry,jerseys nfl wholesale, in the interim,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, has created a manual which, according to the minister, has been sent to the Guyana Teachers Union for officials there to offer their comments.
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