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Rutland,Adidas Mattias Ekholm Jersey, England – Interest and hype surrounding Guyana remained high at this year’s British Birdwatching Fair (Birdfair). Journalists, tour operators, film producers, and conservation and educational organizations all stopped by the Guyana stand for more detailed information on the country.Several hundred consumers also browsed the booth in search of guidance for possible trips or visits thatare planned for the near future. Other visitors simply stopped to say hello to familiar faces and share their personal stories of birdwatching in Guyana.“I was really lucky with my camera,” said one enthusiastic man who visited with the company Naturetrek two years ago. “At the Canopy Walkway we came face-to-face with a Harpy Eagle,” he continued enthusiastically. “And then walking back through the bush we saw a puma. The following day at the Iwokrama Field Station we were in a boat birdwatching in the morning and we saw anotherpuma swimming across the river.”When Guyana first attended Birdfair, it remained a fairly unknown birdwatching destination. Knowledge of the country and interest in visiting has been building steadily ever since, especially after the BBC series about Guyana,”Lost Land of the Jaguar,” aired last year.This year, several people that stopped by the Guyana stand did so with questions regarding upcoming trips that are already booked. Tour operators were also seeking out Guyana representatives in the hope of adding the country to the roster of destinations they sell.  As Gerard Gorman, owner of the tour operator ProBirder, said when he visited, “Guyana has become very high-profile. A few years agoyou never heard of the place.”Paul Waldron represented Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation and Development at the 2009 British Birdwatching Fair.Also at Birdfair was Greenheart Trust, an organization that works with grassroots conservation organizations in Guyana. At their busy stand were representatives from Yupukari Village’s Rupununi Learners and the South Rupununi Conservation Society and the tour company Rupununi Trails, which are both based at Guyana’s Dadanawa Ranch.At Birdfair, more than 15 of the world’s top birdwatching-focused tour operators were offering trips to Guyana by advertising them in their catalogues and on their websites. A good deal of them reported receiving so many inquiries about Guyana that they were running low on Guyana itineraries. Two received Guyana bookings at the show (they said direct bookings are rare at Birdfair); other operators that didn’t even sell Guyana tours three years ago have fully booked trips.Tim Earl, a professional, international tour leader for the Traveling Naturalist,ArDarius Stewart Jersey, sold out one tour last year and is bringing another full tour to Guyana in November 2009.“Guyana’s success is because of the organization behind the promotion,Wholesale Jerseys Group,” said Earl. “In Guyana the facilities are as good as anywhere in the world, and the media Guyana has been receiving is excellent. This is vital, as the public has to learn about a country before they will book a trip there.”The buzz surrounding Guyana, and the increase in companies selling the destination,Taylor Gabriel Falcons Jersey, has also led to newcompanies selling the destination to their clients. Eustace Barnes, a renowned wildlife painter and owner of the tour operator Birding South America, recently began selling a Guyana trip without ever having visited the country.“There was great interest after the BBC show aired, and I noticed that everybody is now selling Guyana.” He has filled one tour and is looking at a second because demand has been so great.The Guyana team also held discussions with Tim Appleton, the co-founder of Birdfair and a UK birdwatching celebrity, about leading a familiarization trip to Guyana. Based on his previous birdwatching trip to Guyana, Appleton said, “I’d jump at the chance.”Many successful meetings were also held with researchers, educational,Cheap NFL Jerseys, conservation and volunteer tourism organizations that expressed interest in starting programs that could help Guyana’s conservation initiatives – at places like Iwokrama and Karanambu – to further develop.Attendees also enjoyed a presentation titled, “Birding and Conservation in the Amazing Rainforests of Guyana.” Chris Collins of the Neotropical Bird Club, who has been to Guyana numerous times, and Managing Director of Wilderness Explorers, Tony Thorne, delivered the well-attended lecture.Stuart Winter, a freelance travel writer and environmental editor, visited the Guyana booth to say that the country is on the top of his list of places he would like to visit and write about.Coming from Mr. Winter, this is good news for Guyana,Harrison Barnes Jersey, as one of his articles recently won the top Nature Writing Award from the magazine BBC Wildlife. Mr. Winter hopes to visit Guyana on an upcoming GSTI familiarization trip.Malcolm Rymer, owner of a film production company, said he is considering Guyana as a filming destination. Mr. Ryder’s videos are focused on bird watching and wildlife and resemble visual travelogues that include an itinerary visitors can follow themselves. “Many people who buy my videos use them to plan their next trip,” reported Mr. Ryder. When asked why he is considering Guyana for a video, he said, “It’s an upcoming place. A niche market I’d like to have a look at.”Elsewhere at the fair, which set attendance records on all three days, a handful of the UK’s top bird watching magazines that have run features on bird watching in Guyana in recent years, expressed interest in returning to research new articles for future editions. And at the stand for Bradt Travel Guides, Managing Director Donald Grieg reported that they sold out all copies of their Guyana guidebook.For more on bird watching and tourism in Guyana, interested individuals can visit the website:
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