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The relatives of 23-year-old, Wendell Tappin, who was mercilessly chopped and stabbed to death in the streets of Albouystown,NFL Jerseys Sale, said his killers are heartless. There was no need for such drastic action, they said.The dead man’s mother, Sylvia Kisshore,Cheap Jerseys Paypal, said that the entire incident stemmed from her son inquiring from one of his attackers about his own phone battery.Wendell Tapping According to Kisshore, her son left his cellular phone with a friend to have it recharged. Upon inquiring about his phone, Kisshore said that her son was told that another person had the instrument.“So when he went to this boy (Tappin’s attacker) who give him back the phone with no battery inside. So he ask the boy for his phone battery and like that spark the story,” the grieving woman said.The woman said that on the day in question she was at home when a little boy from the area called out to her telling her, “Come see some people chopping up you son.”The woman said that she immediately ran out to the road where she noticed four identifiable men and a woman with cutlass and knives hacking away at her son who was unarmed and bleeding.By that time she said other relatives heard what was transpiring and also ventured out onto the road only to find her son’s attackers fleeing the area, leaving her son motionless and bleeding in the streets.The woman said that with the assistance of others she placed her son, who at that time appeared dead,Adidas Mike Ribeiro Jersey, into a taxi and rushed him to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.The woman said that her son’s body bore several chop and stab wounds and there was a gaping wound in the region of his heart.The dead man’s mother Sylvia KisshoreThis newspaper has been told that three brothers and an uncle have been taken into police custody as the police are looking for the lone female who was reportedly involved.Sources say that the woman has since gone into hiding. She is also said to be the wife of one of the men in custody.Meanwhile,Cheap NBA Jerseys, the family said they feel justice will be served as the police have been very co-operative in the matter and have been working on all leads they have since provided.Tapping, 23,Cheap Custom Jerseys, of 88 James Street, Albouystown, was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, Thursday.According to his father, Dan Tappin, Wendell was cornered by a group of persons and was severely chopped and stabbed about the body on Hill Street, Albouystown and left to bleed to death.The relatives said they are now left to deal with constant threats from the family of the attackers.
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