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–  Vagrant hit by stray bullet Two bandits on a CG Motorcycle yesterday escaped with more than $1.8M in cash after shooting a City Constable, who was escorting a Mayor and City Council (M&CC) clerk to the bank with the day’s proceedings.A homeless woman was wounded in the process. The incident happened shortly after 18:00 hrs on Orange Walk, Bourda.The Constable, Aaron Henderson was shot twice to the groin area. He is said to be in a stable condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).Savitri Singh, a homeless woman was hit to the left thigh by a stray bullet. She too is in a stable condition at the hospital.According to information received, Henderson, who was armed, was escorting a clerk to a city bank when the incident occurred.Kaieteur News was told that the duo were about to enter a vehicle, which was parked on Orange Walk,Cheap Jerseys Supply, when a man, jumped off a CG motorcycle and approached the couple with two guns in his hands.“While walking, this man shooting all the time, the clerk dropped the bag with money and run. The constable was going to shoot but he got shot before and the bandit just grabbed the money and escape with his partner on the bike,” an eyewitness said.This newspaper was told that it was while the man was firing shots in the air and at persons on the pavement, Singh was wounded.The CG motorcycle had no number plate, according to eyewitnesses. The incident is being investigated.
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