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–    Father urges him to surrenderThe father of the man who butchered his two children and maimed his reputed wife yesterday described the Zeelugt fugitive as “a very quiet and peaceful man”,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, while expressing hope that he surrenders.Richard Lord,Jerseys NFL Cheap, a 26-year-old cane-cutter,Cheap Jerseys From China, was still at large yesterday, a day after killing five-year-old Kimberley Houston and two-year-old Tarif Lord, and severely wounding 21-year-old Bibi Nazarena Houston.Albert Lord,nfl jerseys authentic china, the suspect’s father,cheap nfl jerseys elite, said that he was unaware of any reports of his son being violent towards his reputed wife and children.“I’m shocked about this. He’s not that kind of man. He complain to me couple days now how she go and lef’ he and he don’t know where she gone and he want he children. She go away plenty times and he go and bring her back. Up to Tuesday night we talk and he say that he only want he children and I say ‘why you don’t leave the woman before you do something stupid?’ and he say ‘no daddy,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, I wouldn’t do nothing’. He’s a very quiet man…a peaceful man.”But that’s not the picture that relatives of the suspect’s reputed wife have of him.Residents, on the other hand, described Richard Lord as a jealous and violent man who constantly beat his reputed wife—who eloped with him when she was just 14—while accusing her of infidelity.The senior Lord said that he has been trying to reach his son by cell phone since receiving the shocking news.“I calling since last night (Wednesday) and the phone ringing out… now it going to voicemail.”Mr. Lord said if he got in contact with him he would tell him to turn himself in.“I would tell him to surrender; that’s all I would advise him to do.”
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