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May Garraway is not in the best of health today but attaining another milestone on Sunday,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, was a welcome blessing for both she and her family.May GarrawayHer daughter,Wholesale Jerseys From China, Joyce Garraway,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, said that her mother is not in the best of health and whenever the Lord says it’s time for her to depart this earth,MLB Jerseys China Authentic, they would have to accept because it would be God’s will.The younger Garraway noted that her mother has lived a full life and she is happy to have her in her life, especially at such a remarkable age.Garraway indicated that while her mother’s mobility has been gradually deteriorating over time her diet has not changed much. She still has a craving for ground provision with fish and she likes her eggs too.Aunt May was born on May 3,Dan Hampton Bears Jersey, 1910 to deceased parents David Alexander,Cheap MLB Jerseys, a/k” David Miller and Georgina Welcome, in the Pomeroon River. She is the lone survivor of her siblings.The mother of four surviving children never married. She has to date outlived eight of her children and has great great-grand children who are a part of her fifth generation.  Aunt May sustained her children when they were younger by doing farming. She also sewed clothes and has a record of delivering some two hundred babies.The oldest Pomeroon resident was a staunch member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in -the Pomeroon River. She has 79 grandchildren,Cheap Jerseys, 38 great-grandchildren and a number of great-great- grandchildren.
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