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By Dale Andrews Imagine what the top brass of the Guyana Police Force will look like this time next year.The two top men, acting Commissioner Henry Greene and his deputy Edwards Wills,NFL Jerseys Outlet From China, are scheduled to depart, and one’s imagination could be stretched to place Assistant Commissioner Paul Slowe at the helm.Several senior officers of the force seem to be in favour of Assistant Commissioner Slowe taking over the top spot.They claim that his standards of integrity and credibility are what the Guyana Police Force could very well do with at this time.This is not to say that the present leader is not doing a good job, a fact that has been emphasised by President Bharrat Jagdeo.However, recent utterances suggest that Greene will be made substantive Police Commissioner before he retires next year, allowing him his full benefits for what can be described as a job well done.  This newspaper understands that Deputy Commissioner Wills has already received his letter allowing him to retire next month.So, after that, what is left?Apart from Assistant Commissioners Khrishna Lakeraj, Leroy Brummel and Paulette Morrison, the cupboard appears to be bare for this important organisation.There are a few Senior Superintendents who are capable of carrying on the show, but with the Police Service Commission in hibernation,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, it is still a toss-up if things will be put into proper perspective with regards to their elevation to enable a smooth transition to carry on the work of those whose departure is imminent.The entire police force breathed a sigh of relief when Dennis Morgan was appointed Chairman of the Police Service Commission.It is being argued that, although the Commission is not fully constituted, it can still go ahead with the promotion of senior police officers, a move that is eagerly anticipated.Guyana is not alone when it comes to appointing a top cop, especially in the Caribbean,Cheap Sittched Jerseys China, where partisan politics takes a high hand in these matters.While in Trinidad and Tobago the appointment of a substantive Commissioner is in limbo, Jamaica has bucked the trend and has appointed an ex-army operative as their crime czar.It could be that Guyana will have to contemplate a similar move, given the paucity of our local police force.It was suggested that the current Crime Chief, Seelall Persaud, who is a Senior Superintendent and is highly qualified academically,Cheap Jerseys From China, could buck the trend; and given the politics that is played out in Guyana, there is the likelihood that he could become Commissioner.But, of course, any such move would elicit major grumblings.But, given all the scenarios, the general feeling is that the hierarchy of the police force is playing politics with the careers of lower ranking officers in terms of their elevation.“The Commissioner and his team has to bring pressure on the Government to ensure that the force has the adequate manpower resources to fulfill its mandate,” one senior officer,China NBA Jerseys, when contacted by this newspaper, asserted.He pointed out that it is incumbent on the Commissioner to ensure that the political directorate is kept abreast of the limitations of the force in relation to its manpower requirements.  Two scenarios are immediately pertinent.The first is that the Commissioner can claim that he cannot do much more because of the limitations, and the second is that the political directorate can hold the Commissioner accountable for not delivering the quality of service that the people expect.Assistant Commissioner Clinton Conway Assistant Commissioner Leroy Brumell Assistant Commissioner Paul SloweBut, according to the officer, it would appear that those in the senior administrative bracket of the force are of the view that the manpower limitations at the top of the organisation could be beneficial to them, in the sense that their services become indispensable, thus leading to extensions.“This appears to have been the case for several previous police administrations, except for Winston Felix,” the officer told this newspaper.At this year’s Police Officers’ Conference, President Bharrat Jagdeo had urged the Guyana Police to adopt a strategy that will see at least 30 cadet officers being trained every year to supplement the current complement of officers. But there is evidence that some young officers with experience and potential to successfully administrate in higher capacities are being frustrated.A few of them have been superseded in terms of promotion, and others have been superseded with regards to appointment in certain sections of the force.This is being viewed as a clear intention to ensure that, whenever the promotions are eventually made, the office holder will secure his position.For more than a decade, successive police administrations have examined at length succession planning in the force, and much research was done on the subject, but it’s all been lip service with regards to the implementation of several recommendations.One outspoken police officer,NFL Jerseys Cheap China, Superintendent David Ramnarine, who is now in charge of the Court Superintendent’s Office at Brickdam, said that the current situation has been that way for some time.“It would seem that the critical stakeholders are comfortable with having it that way. We can talk about and witness the improvement in the physical infrastructure (of the force), but the attitude throughout the rank and file needs a Renaissance,” Superintendent Ramnarine said in an invited comment.At the moment, two senior Divisional Commanders are on their way out.Assistant Commissioner Clinton Conway, who serves in Berbice, and Assistant Commissioner Welton Trotz, who is at Brickdam,Cheap NFL jerseys China, are on their way out.Conway leaves on October 1, while Trotz is scheduled to go off next week.This newspaper understands that there is to be a reshuffling of commanders in light of the two imminent retirements.Presently, Assistant Commissioner Cecil Bevel has been asked to stay on as band master until the force can find a suitable replacement. Acting Commissioner Henry GreeneDeputy Commissioner Edward Wills
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