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“dis man disgusting, man ….dun ee dance”An armed bandit did not have it easy when he and an accomplice attacked the Adelphi Village East Canje home of taxi driver, Drepaul Itwaroo, called ‘Dako’, and his wife Pulmattie, very early yesterday morning.The thieves, who were wearing hoods, managed to grab approximately $125,000 in cash and jewellery, before escaping.Pulmattie, 47, said that she was in one bedroom while her husband was in another in the upper flat of their two-storey wood and concrete building.About 12:43 hrs she was awakened by the sound of breaking glass as one of the bandits shattered the louvre windows just over her head.She said that as she jumped up and looked around she came face to face with the intended intruder. At the same time an adjacent window was also broken and two men entered the bedroom simultaneously.The one who came in through the second window had a gun, and he immediately fired a shot into the ceiling. The woman said she was dragged off the bed. At that moment her husband came rushing into the room.Forty-nine year-old Drepaul Itwaroo said that upon hearing the commotion he immediately went to see what was wrong with his wife and encountered the two bandits.He said he and the bandit with the cutlass started to scuffle and he was having the better of the man when the man’s accomplice came with the gun and hit him on the head.It was what might have been, had Drepaul Itwaroo succeeded in overpowering one of the bandits.Drepaul Itwaroo recounted that he had overcome the bandit and was wrestling him to the ground when the man called on his partner in crime to “shoot this f….ing man nuh. This f…ing man get me bad hay man…He disgusting.”The bandit with the gun then fired another shot into the ceiling,Cheap NHL Jerseys China, causing Drepaul Itwaroo to let go of the man in his grasp.The man and his wife were then beaten even more as the men demanded ‘the f…ing money and gold’Pulmattie said that she told the men that the money and gold were downstairs. The gunman trained his weapon on the woman while his accomplice with the cutlass, holding Drepaul, then escorted the couple to the lower flat.Itwaroo man said that as they reached the bottom flat, he and the bandit with the cutlass started to fight again, whilst the one with the gun was trying to open the kitchen door.The ‘freed’ intruder then took the opportunity to lash Drepaul Itwaroo with the cutlass in frustration as the bandits then ordered him to open the door, after the woman handed over the jewellery and money,Drepaul Itwaroo said the men made an escape bid, but not before he once again tackled the one with the cutlass. He said that the three of them then had another fierce encounter in the yard.The cutlass wielding thief once again called on his accomplice, “Dis man disgusting….done this man dance. Shoot he sk…t; kill he…” The gunman was once more forced to help his accomplice.While beating him again, they asked him for his gold. He told them that he had sold any gold he had.They then asked him for the money which he got from the gold. He responded that the money was used on his car. They then beat him again and left him on the ground. To escape they scaled the fence and fled.His wife after seeing the two men tussling with her husband in the meantime, scooted through the back yard jumped a drain, and traveled through some dense bush to make her escape into a neighbour’s yard.Neighbours said that they heard the commotion, but were afraid to come out because of the gunshots. They however immediately called the police who took some time to respond.Itwaroo sustained multiple wounds, which included a gash to the head caused by a gun. This wound required six stitches. He also sustained a cut on his finger, which required four stitches.Police are on the hunt for the two bandits who many believe are from the Canje area and who may be living very close to the Itwaroos.
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