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By Ralph SeeramAsk anyone in the Diaspora why they are afraid to go to Guyana and most will tell you it the crime situation in the country. Guyana is becoming a dangerous place to visit.I have to admit it, reluctantly, and if my assessment is wrong, we can look at a recent report of the United Nations Development Program UNDP which lists Guyana as one of eight countries with high levels of crime and low confidence in the police force.One Government Minister tried to blame this newspaper for keeping away tourists by highlighting crime and corruption in the country. Problem is the press only reports the crime,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, crime prevention is the Government’s responsibility.Does anybody believe that the crime situation has improved,Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Authentic, despite all the funds pumped into the Guyana Police Force?Returning Guyanese are afraid to give their true destination address on entering at the airport. There are far too many cases where arriving Guyanese are greeted by bandits when they arrive at their final destination, the address they had given just an hour or so to immigration officers. You don’t have to be a genius to figure that one out.The business community is in fear, not knowing when armed robbers will turn up at their doors. There is no ethnic distinction in crime, no social distinction; rich and poor regardless of race are all in fear.We can talk about all the social factors that are reasons behind the high crime rate, the fact of the matter is that the present policies have been a failure. The police have been failing so far and by extension, the Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee. It is time for him to go.While he has made some efforts to effect change, the overall results have been a total failure under his watch. It’s time for a change of Home Affairs Minister; the “buck” stops at his desk,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, pure and simple.One of the underlying reasons for failure is the lack of public confidence in the police force. People don’t trust the police; they have no confidence in the police force. Just ask drivers on the road what they think of the police.I read a report where the senior officer in charge in Berbice said he only received one report of corruption by a police officer in his division. I wonder if he seriously doesn’t know the answer. People don’t TRUST the police; the police protect their own.There are certain offences for which traffic officers have to issue tickets, so there are no requirements for the police to take the car to the station. But police officers do so to drivers who refuse to pay a bribe.My question is,Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys, how many police officers have been disciplined for bringing drivers and their cars to the station unnecessarily?Time and again the police come up with the excuse that people don’t report corrupt officers. The reason is simple, people don’t trust the police. As my mother would say, “You can’t try devil case in hell”. Same for public servants and governments ministers; corruption is widespread in government. Have you heard of any Minister or senior public servants being disciplined?When you examine the case of Colwyn Harding you will find the police were protecting their own. The COP’s first response is feeble; that the officer has been transferred then he is under close arrest,NHL Jerseys From China, what a load of nonsense,Wholesale China Jerseys, then not a word of outrage from the Home Affairs Ministers and those in Government.To add insult to the intelligence of the public the Health Minister gets up in Parliament to say the victim suffered an hernia, yes he suffered an hernia. What the idiotic Minister did not explain is what caused the hernia, it is like someone shot fatally; we can argue his heart stopped working causing his death, ignoring what caused the heart to stop.While we are on the subject of the Health Minister Bheri Ramsaran and corruption, it would seem that the PPP Government does not intend to clean up its image as a corrupt Government by its recent action.I am referring to the new pre qualification rules to supply drugs to the health system in Guyana. Despite all the criticism and exposure of the current contract of the New Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation (GPC) the Health Minister has framed the rules to favour this company once again.Now let’s look at the new criteria, a potential supplier must have a gross turnover of $1B and net assets of $500M, pay a yearly corporate tax of $50M, and if that is not enough, they must have over 50 employees and possess a 30,000 square-foot warehouse.Does anyone need an explanation of what is happening here? How many companies in Guyana can meet that criteria, have you any doubt what these criteria were framed for.The only criterion you need from a supplier is to supply a cheap and reliable supply of drugs, once a supplier is assured of the contract he would have no problem getting the necessary financing.This nonsense about having 50 employees, paying $50 M in taxes and have a turn over of $1B is just a means to weed out potential bidders.What is sad is that things are exposed, the news dies down then nothing happens. Like all other exposes by the newspaper, they are soon forgotten by the public and corruption continues.The Government knows that the public has short memories, at least they think so, but the day of reckoning will come when all will be answerable, when some will be jailed if they have not yet left the jurisdiction by then.Meanwhile crime and corruption continues, international reports will continue on crime,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, and investors and tourists will continue to shy away from Guyana.Ralph Seeram can be reach at email
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