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When a beloved child dies, no matter how small or early, sorrows and grieving can be overwhelming for the parents. It can seem unnatural, unfair and tragic.Many would remember Kevon Critchlow. He was a very sweet and loving baby, who died on March 19, last. He was just four months old. His death shattered hopes and dreams for his parents, Kevin Critchlow and his wife Suemede Critchlow.To them, the death of their child was unexpected. While there were many circumstances surrounding his death, Kevon’s parents are still adamant that nurses attached to the Plaisance Health Centre are responsible for their child’s death. Preliminary post-mortem results had indicated that the child died from a brain haemorrhage.According to the parents,Wholesale MLB Jerseys, the child had been given wrong vaccines by nurses on a visit to the Health Centre. The parents believed that their child was injected with vaccines meant for his five-year-old cousin.Suemede had explained to Kaieteur News that she left her Goedverwagting, East Coast Demerara, home on March 18, to take her perfectly healthy son to clinic.The following morning after the clinic visit the mother had to rush the child to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) after observing blood and froth pouring from his nostrils and mouth.Baby Kevon was pronounced dead on arrival. The distraught parents are calling on officials at the Ministry of Public Health, to launch a thorough investigation into the baby’s death.Suemede said out that the family was promised a probe into the death of her baby,NFL Jerseys Outlet, by Minister of Public Health, George Norton. However, the mother expressed that she is saddened on the Minister’s failure to deliver on his promise.According to the mother,Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys, the family needs answers and they still have not received any despite several queries. They are still baffled with feelings of shock and confusion combined with questions.The lack of answers to the questions adds to the overwhelming feelings of sadness and helplessness to the child’s bereaved mom and dad.Seven months have passed since a precious soul was lost. His parents are still awaiting answers. Hopefully, they will get some answers sooner, rather than later.“We (the family) need justice for Kevon,” Suemede asserted.She added, “The nurses should be held accountable for any malpractice. They (the Health Centre) should have proper systems in place and the nurses should be well educated and equipped to deal with children.”Blood samples were collected from young Critchlow’s body during a post mortem (PM). The results were expected to prove whether or not the brain haemorrhage was caused by the administration of a wrong injection, or some other unknown issue.The parents are yet to receive the findings of the blood samples, which were expected to be available two weeks after the PM.First BirthdayLast Sunday,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, baby Kevon would have celebrated his first birthday. It was a difficult time for his parents, but honouring and remembering Kevon,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, make his parents feel connected to him.The heartache did not keep his parents home- they visited baby Kevon’s grave, where they reminisced on happier days and laid flowers.On the eve of her child’s first birthday, Suemede during an interview, said that she and her husband miss little Kevon a lot.“We are grieving. My husband and I cry every day. Kevon was a sweet baby,” the mother recalled.For these two parents, grieving is even more difficult because they had so little time with the child. They have lost the hopes and dreams of what the future was supposed to hold. They will never get to see their child make his first step, or utter his first words.Charges dismissedIn a strange turn of events, one month after baby Kevon passed away his father was charged for threatening the nurses he deemed responsible for his son’s death.Kevin Critchlow was hauled before Magistrate Zamilla Ally in the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court. The charges read that Critchlow,Wholesale China Jerseys, while armed with a cutlass in one hand and his son’s coffin in the other, went into the Plaisance Health Centre and made threatening remarks to the nurses.It was alleged that the father blurted out, “Blood will shed here today,” before chopping a table and leaving the Health Center.The charges were dismissed against him two weeks ago, after the nurses failed to show up in court on numerous occasions to give evidence.He had always maintained his innocence.The baby’s mother related that the allegations against her husband were “false” and were “just a cover up”.
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