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Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee yesterday told reporters seeking a comment on the revelations in the on going trial of Robert Simels, said that he has taken a position not to speak on the matter.The Home Affairs said that he had adopted that position and will never ever speak on the issue.He said that it was not about the sensitivity of the issue just that he will not be commenting on the issue.Over the past two weeks there have been some startling revelations in the witness tampering trial of SimelsThe first prosecution witness in the trial was a self-professed former member of the Shaheed ‘Roger’ Khan phantom gang, 34-year- old Selwyn Vaughn who told the US Court that Roger Khan ordered the killings of political activist Ronald Waddell, and boxing coach Donald Allison.Vaughn said that he knows what happened because he was there in a Burgundy diesel Toyota AT 192 motorcar when four other named members of the squad turned up and shot Waddell.Vaughn claimed that he was the lookout man who was tracking Waddell and that he called Roger Khan on his cell phone that night and reported that Waddell had left his residence and his car was idling on the roadway.Within minutes, four members of the phantom squad, all former members of the Guyana Police Force, turned up and shot Waddell.The witness also said that after the shooting that night, Khan and his group, including Vaughn, gathered at the Blue Iguana nightspot and from that location Khan called the Minister of Health in Guyana, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy.According to Vaughn, Khan instructed Ramsammy to order the doctors at the Georgetown Public Hospital to let Waddell die.However, Dr Ramsammy said that this was never the case. He said that he was not in Guyana when Waddell was shot. In fact, he was in New York for the death of his father.Waddell, the former talk show host, according to the witness, was criticising Shaheed Roger Khan and was connected to the infamous Buxton Gang of Escapees.The jury also heard a tape recording in which the star witness contradicted an assertion that Simels made,China Jerseys Cheap, that former Army major David Clarke’s wife, Captain Fraser nursed Rondell Rawlins aka Fine Man of Buxton back to health.The witness, who knew that Simels was in constant contact with Roger Khan, stated that Roger Khan himself would be able to confirm that he Vaughn kept Rawlins in a safe house in Agricola during the period when the Guyanese police were on the hunt for him and when Fineman was injured.“Rawlins was in a house provided by me.” Vaughn told the court in New York. “He was not in Buxton and he (Vaughn) was the only one who had access to him in that house. “Something that Roger himself would be able to confirm,” the witness stated in sworn testimony.There was also the FEDEX official that said that the company shipped the equipment from the Pegasus Hotel to Robert Simels office as well as the Case Officer who told the court that Khan while in jail was attempting to procure more spy equipment.
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