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Trevor Fernandes, 45, appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday to answer a charge of discharging a loaded firearm in the direction of two persons. He was not required to plea.The police are alleging that on March 6, at 22 Second Street Alberttown, the accused shot at Onecia Henry and Claire De Silva with the intent to disfigure or harm them.According to police reports, the incident occurred around 15:00 hours on Sunday at the 22 Second Street,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, Alberttown home of one Melissa Humphrey.Humphrey was identified as a licensed firearm holder of one Brazilian made .32 silver and black revolver, which was used in the incident.Inspector Stephen Telford said that a group of young men passed the said house and taunted the accused, much to his annoyance. Fernandes reportedly threatened to shoot the youths.He then went into the bedroom of Humphrey’s house and collected the firearm and discharged two rounds in their direction.Magistrate Beharry denied the accused bail and remanded him. The matter was set for a second hearing on March 28.Fernandes who is said to be a deportee was heavily under the influence of alcohol when the incident occurred. He also told the court that his wife and children reside overseas. The police patrol unit that was summoned described the occurrence as a play from a movie ‘Wild, Wild West.Sources close to the investigation added that had it not been for the swift intervention of a mobile police patrol unit, the situation could have been much worse.And Samad Shaw, 22, of West Coast Demerara was sentenced to 14 days in jail for simple larceny.Shaw who was unrepresented told the court that he was guilty of pilfering some $3,000 worth of chicken gizzard and chicken. The items was said to be the property of his employer, Didco Trading, where he worked as a labourer.When questioned by Magistrate Beharry to explain his action, Shaw said, “Yes, yes my Worship; I did take it, but I will go back and pay for dem.”
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